derin korman

Digital Media Production


7713 | nGbK

Designed the print and web graphics for the 7713 exhibition at nGbK in Berlin, reproducing archival imagery and designing a book to accompany the exhibition.

Never Again! | DEPO

Assisted in the production of Never Again!, Apology and Coming to Terms with the Past. Enhanced and reproduced 130 historical images for the exhibition and provided assistance in issues of digital media.

Visual Arts Festival Damascus | DEPO ─░stanbul

Designed the catalog and programme of Visual Arts Festival Damascus held at DEPO during the summer of 2013.

Memorialize Turkey | Hafiza Merkezi

Designed and developed a living web archive that attempts to document projects of memorialization in Turkey. Data entry is facilitated by a simplified CMS interface that allows convenient entry and editing of text, images, and geolocation.